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More about Norah

I am an artist, a therapist, and a nature enthusiast. I help people who have experienced trauma and for whatever reason have been unable to process it in a way that allows them to move forward with their life.


During one of the many more challenging times in my own life I was wandering through a store and noticed the art supply section. Suddenly I had the urge to paint again- it had been a long while since I painted. I bought some canvas, a few paints, and some brushes. That night I went home, and I didn’t sleep. I painted-all night long.


From that point forward, I continued to paint as often as I could. I began noticing how I was slowly becoming more and more engaged in my life and relationships again. The art I was creating, I would show to those close to me, and it could speak to a part of my experience that words simply could not. 


I also was able to see an expressive arts therapist. At which point my creative capacity really began to flourish. Creating art allowed me to bypass the cognitive thought process that happens when one tries to communicate verbally.


In my case, (and I think this is true for a lot of people) there were parts of my trauma I simply could not speak about (in the beginning). Art making allows space for the individual to express what is happening for them internally, without being limited or intimidated by language.

Of course there are no guarantees in this work. Each individual is so unique and has a story that only they know. As an expressive arts therapist I am here to nurture and guide the process.

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