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Expressive Paint Workshops


what are expressive painting workshops?

Expressive Painting workshops are an opportunity to engage in a shared experience with a group of co-workers, family members, friends, or perhaps just an interesting night out, or in these days-an interesting night in. 


These workshops are designed to be a gentle, and fun way to play with paint and get a bit more comfortable with the process of painting.They certainly have therapeutic qualities, but they differ from the therapy services that are offered in that we stay in a place that is orientated around the richness of creative process. We talk about colour, style, technique. Most of all we find creative ways to explore the process without getting stuck in those inner critic places. 


If you are someone who is interested in expressive arts, but doesn’t feel the need to seek out therapy services. Or perhaps are a bit nervous about the unfamiliarity of the process. An expressive painting workshop is a great place to start!

who should join our workshops?

  • Corporate teams looking for an engaging and empowering team building activity

  • Teachers looking to bring more art into their curriculum plan

  • A group of friends or family wanting to engage in a shared experience

  • Individuals wanting to expand their artistic process


How it works

1. Each participant fills out a brief survey to help me get an understanding of what their experience with painting is, and plan accordingly.  

2. Participants will get an email providing them with a detailed outline of what to expect, and what to bring (if applicable).


3. Time to get painting. The workshop itself is 3 hours long, this can be broken into fragments or done all at once depending on the group preferences.

Note: expressive painting workshops are not a therapy service. Prices vary depending on group size and whether or not supplies are included. Contact Norah for further information.

Interested in trying a workshop??

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