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Relational Expressive Arts Experience


During this one hour workshop you will have the opportunity to explore through visual arts. People have the option of painting, drawing, sketching or collaging. Norah will guide you through the creative experience, giving permission to silence inner critics and creative blocks. This is suitable for all ages and works especially well for people who are in relationships. This could be; children with their parents, friends, partners, or co-workers. This is an opportunity to connect with each-other in a unique and meaningful way. 



The intention of this service is to offer people a unique experience where they can connect to themselves and eachother in an intimate and authentic way through the process of creating. 


People who participate in this workshop will tap into a part of themselves that they may not know existed. That, combined with the beauty that comes with creating in community will leave participants yearning to find more creative time in their day to day lives. 

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